A game for sleeping
The sleep game Slumber is a relaxing underwater world designed to help you sleep. In Slumber you get to be a nudibranch (which is a very fancy sea slug) exploring a dark and mysterious ocean full of wondrous creatures. Slumber uses sleep friendly colours that are easy on the eyes, and although the ocean may be dark it is completely safe for you to enjoy. You will find Slumber on your smartphone or tablet so you can play it in bed before going to sleep, and in the morning you might wake up to a surprise! (…we can’t promise it’s not something fishy)

Background to the project
Who hasn’t found themselves lying in bed at night, trying to fall asleep but becoming frustrated because you simply can’t? Perhaps you tried at some point to play a game (say, on your phone) in order to take your mind off the fact that sleep is not going to happen anytime soon? And, if you think about it, how many times did the game that you played actually keep you awake rather than make you sleepier? Slumber is a game in development that is designed to help the player sleep. The prototype was created by five second-year students from the Game design program at Uppsala university, Sweden, and it was presented for the first time at Gotland Game Conference in 2016.